A true story of unfailing hope and real miracles
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Sharing Kennedy's Story

Though the diagnosis of their daughter’s terminal illness broke her parents heart, it was Kennedy’s unfailing love and optimism that showed them how large broken hearts could expand. With each precious day, more people witnessed Kennedy’s faith and kindness that inspired her local community and went on to inspire an expansive online community on Facebook.

In the face of Juvenile Batten Disease, the Hansen’s grew in faith as they witnessed tender mercies and miracles, while hearing their sweet daughter witness her part in the eternal plan of a loving Father in Heaven. She charged them with the telling of her story, saying "I have to go now, but will be waiting with open arms for you, Mom, Anna, and Beau.  Give a giant hug to the world, Dad -- A Kennedy's Hug." 

In honor of that promise, you can now experience firsthand the intimate telling of Kennedy’s story.

"This inspiring story is told in such a raw and personal style.  You can't help feel like a member of their family and share in the losses, victories, and celebration of the life of Kennedy.  Their inspiring account will prompt you to hug and hold those near to your heart." Jasen Wade, award-winning actor from films such as "The Cokeville Miracle," "17 Miracles," and "Miracle Maker."

ALSO! COMING SPRING 2017:  Director T. C. Christensen brings their story to life on the big screen.  Join Kennedy's Facebook community and watch for news of the upcoming film and Jason & Heather's posts sharing this remarkable movie making event.